The Blue Stones

Blue stones

I felt drawn to these stones yesterday, the vibrant color and the symbols sang to my soul the language of my people.
There are many ways of divination that we use, but finally is the language of the soul that sings to us. Divination is beyond a card that we pick from a package and reading the notebook coming in the little box. All divination is like reading in the crystal ball. We read with our spiritual eyes, we tap into the unknown and come back with the answer for our quest. We have Angels, spirits and other entities around us at any time. Sometimes they whisper whispers that can be revealed. Sometimes they just get silent, when fate is involved. All tools we use for divination speak to us in a language that only the reader can comprehend and translate. It comes from a spiritual area where past, future, present, truth and destiny share the space. Where there are no limits or time.
I do believe that every single prayer of any religion has an energy force that heals and cures, I believe that all mantras can help us evolve and walk our Journey in a beautiful way, I believe in the dance of the shaman and sound of his drum. We have so many spiritual modalities here and now to clean one’s path and evolve towards a lighter and more peaceful life. Use what you are called to and help yourself. Don’t live in pain and suffering in a world where Angels walk between Humans.
The stone I pulled today was the blank one, the unknown, the destiny, the law of karma. This was the answer to my question of many “whys” asked lately.
Bowing to the past and destiny I embrace the future. May love and light be with us.

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