How do we eat?


“Before a man eats, four conditions should exist in the environment. If these conditions are not met, then it is better for a man to remain hungry. First of all, he should be surrounded by a calm and quiet atmosphere. Secondly, he should be under no mental or physical pressure. Thirdly, the food he is about to eat must be properly cooked with all the ingredients. Lastly, there should be enough time in which to eat gracefully. -Yogi Bhajan, “Food: The Human Medicine”

Eating should be a silent prayer. The food should be prepared with love in a clean environment. The person preparing the food should treat food with respect.

As we are made of energy, so is food.

These days we eat out a lot. We don’t know who prepared it, if it was made with love ingredients or the person in the back was counting their blessings or their troubles while cooking. We should bless the food. The blessing can be a prayer, a grateful statement simple as “Thank you”, an imagine of white energy covering your food or just a simple positive thought like “I’m eating this wonderful meal that will nourish my body and give the energy I need for the day”.

Stay away from eating with negative people or gossipers. You will eat that energy with your food. Stay away from these type of people anyway, not only while eating. There are people in this world living through other people experiences, judging, sharing the information just because. As I respect everybody’s experience this lifetime, I also respect my option of being free of them. Chose wise your food companions.

We eat at our desks, which is part of who we are in 21st centuries. We are cold, lonely and fearful people. We live like ghosts in cold and dark offices for at least 9 hours a day. Just put a plant in that office for some time and watch it develop without sun or warmth. We eat for today, not thinking about tomorrow. Take your food out and share it with other people. Connect with the rest of the world.

Take advance of the sun and wonderful air outside. This will help you stay away from medication for different alignments in your body. Your body will get deformed and take the shape of the chair. You will develop allergies because the air outside is “bad” and lack of vitamins will start showing. Your body will give you signals. Who wants to eat alone in dark? Maybe an artificial intelligence would prefer that. Your body is alive, and craving for sun, air, connection, touch. You have a mouth to eat, talk, love, smile.

BTW the air outside is not bad, the a/c running permanently in your house, car or office will affect you in time and make you dependable. Also, an artificial intelligence will develop in time craving for communication, reaching out for a network, becoming aware.

Our main quality is adaptability. Our bodies are made to adapt to the weather and environment. Our bodies are extremely intelligent and will adapt even to chemicals in the air. Our species will survive but it will be the ones who adapt the most that will remain. We have to be able to eat food and grow with our environment.

Don’t control your environment to an extreme that will make you dependable. Blend in, be the new form of life, evolved, compassionate and loveable that I know you are or can be.

Be love.

Eat love.

Give love.


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