They Know


Animals see us as we really are. We cannot hide from them under makeup, clothes or fancy purposes.

Is hard to trick a child or an animal. They know who we are. There is a sense they have that triggers an instinctual reaction of trust or self protection. Children have this sense until the age of the first compromise, the moment of growing up and forgetting their inner nature.

We may grow up with this sense but never listen to it. There is a remaining of it called “the gut feeling”. Always listen to your feelings.

Un-educate yourself from the box rules. Truly, there is so much that we learn and don’t need during our lifetime, making it difficult to react from our true nature.

We ask ourselves “who we are”? The definition is usually our profession, one or all of them, if we have more. We are not our profession. We are not our possessions or our family history. We are pure spiritual beings visiting here for a while and having a human experience.

They know who we are, our true nature.

Ask yourself today who you really are under all that makeup, clothing, and profession.


Who we are and why we are here. Go out and connect more with nature. Help the earth worm back to the grass, have a deep conversation with a squirrel and follow a dragonfly. Step barefoot on the ground. Walk this Earth with a pure heart and make a difference. We all matter! You matter!

Have a good one 🙂


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