What is life and how do we react to it?

Reality check

Many philosophers, scientists and priests tried to answer this question: What is the meaning of life? Of course, nobody gave us an answer. I would use the cliché that the answer is within but what does that mean?
Life can be pretty dramatic most of the time. The solution is how we react to it. Training your mind and your body to answer to the outside life events is a process that involves all your attention and patience.
It doesn’t come overnight. It doesn’t solve the problems. It gives you an approach on how to react to your problems. If you also try to deal with the worlds problem, well good luck with that.
The world will keep spinning even we like it or not. People will be great and cruel in the same time, because is part of our human nature. The solution would be not to judge it. But if there is something in your vicinity that is cruel don’t just sleep on it. You are there because you can help. Any act of kindness maters.
How do we see things? Usually we think everything is great, or we make compromises that everything is okay. Or we just don’t care. If you are living your dreams, life will not let you sit on a bunch of old and unresolved stuff. It will push you out and make you move and evolve. Stagnation is death. Movement is evolution.
Turn on the lights, open the blinds and look outside!
In the same time we get depresses because we are hiding the truth from ourselves. Mind is a monkey that doesn’t want to be disturbed. And we can evolve next lifetime, why would you bother this one when everything looks so cozy?


When old stuff goes down all we can is see the big disaster instead seeing the light behind it. We see the clutter that needs to come out. We see the remains of the old building instead seeing the beautiful new constructions behind it.
Is all inside of us! Is all in our minds! How we perceive outside events, can change our reality!
Go out for a walk today. Enjoy the sun, the sky, smiling people and try to find something beautiful in everything around you. That would be a start. Train the monkey to see the beauty, and beauty will come to you!
So be it!


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