Glorious Morning, this is what dreams are made of!

The Girls

What a glorious morning! The sunrise, the almost crispy air carrying the salty smell of the ocean, the birds singing, is like time stopped and we live in eternity.

This is the moment when dreams can be created and worries of a mundane life just dissolve in the golden sun rays.

We all dream of love, creative lives, great relationships, adding value to humanity by every moment lived on Earth. The sunrise is the moment to plan it, to dream it, to paint it, to write it, to sing about it, to love it.

Go for it! Never stop dreaming. This is still the year of the crazy horse, do as he does. Turn you back and just follow your dreams. What it was is gone, we cannot change. Forgive and create a bright new future.

Be kind on your path always. Leave a prayer when you step on this ground. All Earth is sacred space. Because is the space that allows us manifest our dreams.

Dream on! Ride that horse! 🙂


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