Furry Angels ~ SYM Houston 2014

SYM Angels

The Angel Wings project was a total disaster. They all tried them, in order to avoid competition. And they wanted to eat them. Paris will wear the wings for Strut Your Mutt Houston 2014.

Join us to walk in the name of all dogs in shelters, abandoned and scared. Keep the light on in your heart for all of them. They will all know it. And I will tell you one story that happened to me.

Years ago, I was sad and crying in the middle of the night. I prayed in my heart “God, please send me an Angel”. The next moment my Big Bear jumped on the bed and came near me. Big Bear is almost 50 lbs and he is always hot. He never comes to bed because he is hot. He loves the tiles, and when he is cold, if that ever happens, he sleeps in his bed, in the bedroom. So I asked him to get back to his bed and continued my prayer. The moment I said it, Big Bear was up in my bed again. The cycle continued until I realized that he was answering the prayer in my heart.

We always look for Angels outside our circle, without even knowing that Angels walk already between us. They may have two legs, four legs, wings, they can appear in a shadow, a rain drop, or a rainbow. They come when we need them most. We just have to ask them.

We have a choice, to ignore them or be grateful because they are here for us.

Call your Angels every day. We have free will, so they need to be called.

Are you in need of help? Call an angel.

Are you in need of a friend? Adopt an Angel ❤

Angel Wings

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