Paris, my sweet foster


Paris is waiting in a crate every single weekend for someone to come and pick her up, for someone to love her and give her a home. She is afraid of thunder and abandonment, but who isn’t? We all feel abandoned sometimes and cry our hearts out, right?

If you ever felt lonely and in need of love, multiply that with a thousand, at least, to understand what she’s going through.

I can foster and help save another one, if Paris gets adopted. She needs someone patient and madly in love with dogs. She is soft and cuddly.

Photo was taken yesterday, after her BFF got adopted. I cried, she cried, all of us cried because we had to separate them. But at least one was saved and has a great loving family now.

Pinkie & Paris

Please help me share Paris, and pray for a loving outcome from this situation.

Be positive. I hold in my heart the hope that there is that one family out there able to love her.

Paris can be adopted through K-9 Angels Rescue Houston and she will walk at Strut Your Mutt Houston or may assist me with Doga.

Support our K-9 Angels Rescue Houston team here.

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