Spice & Garden Spirits – FengShui Tip Of The Day


We are made of energy or stardust, per my friend in spirit, Carl Sagan.
The place we live carries our energy, in every single piece of grass or flower growing on the land. You can say a lot about people living there just by watching their front yard, or stepping into their house. The smell, the walls will whisper their secrets. FengShui is a science, but your intuition will say more than that. Will talk about houses later. Now let’s follow the vegetable garden fix from our previous post.
Front yard calls future opportunities. While we fix the backyard, we need to add balance in the front yard. So we added some Chili Pepper, eatable kind. Is beautiful, colorful and will add some spice in the near future, while we clean the dead garden in the backyard.
If you work in gardening, constructions, or any other outside type of work, the decoration #1 will work for you. If you work or wish to work in a more peaceful, relaxed environment, #2 decoration will work for you. Always call the nature spirits while working with the energy of your environment. If nature’s spirits are not part of your believes, pray. Prayer is always healing and clearing.
Is all about the message you send into the universe. Go and get some colors and paint a beautiful life!
Would you like to create more peace in your house or more money energy in your office? Please contact us for more information at 281.798.9153 or email email@earthkidsyoga.com.

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