FengShui Tip Of The Day – A case of lost heart/spirit/purpose

Garden FS

Location: Backyard (current job, present opportunities)

Little garden in the romance, love, relationships spot as per bagua (FengShui energetic map).

We may have a human body but this is just the vehicle we walk on Earth. We are spiritual beings wearing this space suit, the human body.

When the spirit cannot evolve by having new experiences, opportunities, by learning, it creates energy distortions. Analyzing the energy distortion, we can heal the space of the heart that hurts and asks for help.

In this case, present situation doesn’t have a positive impact on the owner of the previously abundant garden so a change in path is required to restore the balance. A change in the energy of the garden and in the energy of the soul. The energy symbols are subtle but easy to translate in day to day actions.

If something dies in your garden, remove it and plant something new, fresh, abundant. Shed the dead skin šŸ˜‰

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