Rainbows in the morning


Life is not easy always, even it should be. We are complex beings with wishes, desires, and lots of dreams.

On the other side we have difficult people to deal with every day, difficult situations, struggles, decisions to take.

But there will always be the rainbow, the sky, the stars in the sky. Watch the curve of the rainbow, and imagine how it follows the shape of our planet, and how beautiful it probably is, if you look from the other side of the rainbow.

Our planet is beautiful, we are amazing beings. I don’t know why we get so complicated, and I don’t know why we are not kind always. But there is the hope of love, compassion, and kindness. There is the riches of the universe, in stars, and planets, and this is what our dreams are made of.

There will always be a rainbow if we have the eyes to see it ❤

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